At Red Mare we are all about shining a light on inspiring women who have followed their dreams and made them happen. And who also happen to love and wear Red Mare jewelry 🙂  Empowering others with their unique stories, advice and inspiration. These spotlight interviews will be a regular feature so check back often.

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I love to hear about my customer’s amazing stories

Spotlight on Elsa Sinclair 

Elsa’s focus has always been on the relationship with the horse and she eventually pulled a wild mustang off the range to train without the use of tools – yes you heard me correctly! Fortunately for us, she filmed that journey and made it into a stunning documentary “Taming Wild”, which I cant recommend it highly enough! Myrnah, a horse with her own mind, strength and sense of independence. One trainer, no tools, just body language. An amazing horsewoman who I feel privileged to know and who proudly wears Red Mare Jewelry.
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Spotlight on Lillan Roquet 

Lillan is one of the most inspiring horsewoman I know. We met many years ago in Washington state not long after I bought my first horse Pegasus – my awesome Red Mare. I was struck not only by her amazing gift with horses but what genuine person she was and still is today. Not to mention, I was equally in love with her amazing Arabian mare Damo. Lillan went after her dreams from a young age and has been driven to excel in her chosen field. I am proud and flattered to have her wear my jewelry as she continues to inspire to this day.
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