Black Opal Hoops


Black opals are the most sought-after opals in the world since they are said to bring good luck and positivity. Unlike ordinary opals, black opals have carbon and iron oxide trace elements present, which cause the unusual darkness of the stone. Because of their dark body tone, the rainbow colors in a black opal stand out much better than lighter opals. This vibrancy of color makes black opal the most valuable form of all opals.

This stunning silver hoops each have  7 fiery black opals with gorgeous play of color that photos just don’t do justice. Eye-catching especially in the sunlight, these earrings pair beautifully with the Black Opal Bar necklace

They are approx 34 mm in diameter

Will be shipped in a white gift box stamped with the Red Mare Studios logo

Each necklace is handmade and some natural variations will occur which only adds to its charm.


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