Process & Inspiration


Me & my Girl

Red Mare Studio’s designs are handcrafted one at a time in Shelley’s studio in her barn in Florida. The perfect spot to work and look out at her four horses wandering around the pasture. 

She is normally accompanied by a couple of her hardworking canine studio assistants, who have, of course, impeccable taste!

Originally from Ireland, Shelley was always the creative one in the family, unsurprisingly she has spent her entire career in design in one fashion or another 

Always a free spirit who chose her path despite the naysayers, she encourages all women to “Forge their own trail…”


Ley Lines Square

Shelley draws inspiration from her travels, her horses and the beauty of nature around her Central Florida home. 

Shelley believes that jewelry should be meaningful and easy to wear and match her client’s many roles and moods – understated and modern for work, to multicultural and creative for the wanderlust, funky statement pieces, to stylish equestian pieces that reflect their passions. 

She strives to capture the driving force and passion of the strong women in her life, (both the four and two legged kinds) yet translate it in a unique and contemporary way. The result is feminine, yet bold. 

Studio Process

Shintai Stack Earrings

Shelley creates each piece by hand using traditional as well as modern techniques. She values the methodical process of hand fabricating with wire or sheet metal, and often combines multiple methods of making in the same piece of jewelry. 

She loves learning new techniques and will search out new skills to make a dream design come to life. Occasionally she dabbles in enamelling and metal clay but natural gemstones and precious metals are her main passion. Shelley often chooses a matte or hammered finish as visible attributes in her work. 

Shelley is a creative at heart; her hands and inner eye are always busy.