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Natural Horsemanship Clinic at Red Mare Studio

So excited to announce that I will be hosting my first ever horse clinic with the amazingly talented Lillan Roquet right her at my own barn. Not only is she an amazing horsewoman but also Red Mare Studio customer. Read her spotlight interview here

Lillan and I go way back to when I first started with horses in Washington state. She interned at Atwood Ranch in California and then was a Parelli protege and professional She has also been privileged to ride and learn from Doug Jordan (Cutting Trainer), Walter Zettle (Dressage Coach), Craig Johnson (17 Time Reining World Champion), and Lauren Barwick (Olympic Medalist – Dressage), and Julie Williams Godfrey (Cutting Trainer). 

With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology she helps her students overcome fear and achieve goals in their horsemanship. Here is a little about her training method, in her own words

Lillan & Damo

When I develop horses I focus on four main things, Connection, Compassion, Control, and Results. The first thing I want to do is make sure a horse has mental connection with me. If they can’t connect with you, they can’t learn. This means teaching them to focus despite distractions. Some people try to reduce distraction around their horses; I believe in helping them learn to process stimuli and stay connected with you through these distractions. 

When I train, I always try to keep Compassion foremost in my mind. Horses are beautiful and incredibly sensitive beings. Most of the time if they aren’t trying, it’s either because they are scared or they don’t believe in your leadership. Approaching horses with Compassion allows me to always look at things from their point of view so that they WANT to work with and for us.

Then, I look at Control. I need to be able to softly and willingly control first a horses feet, and then their flexions as well. If a horse will willingly give me control of his feet, he trusts me as his leader, and then, anything is possible!

Lastly, horses love purpose and achieving goals. So when I train horses I always try to look at what their future is, as well as what their human’s goals are, so that I can help the pair begin to achieve things together.

We are still working out the final format and private lessons may also be available. Please contact me directly if you are interested in attending. I will post updates with details soon. In the meantime visit her webpage to read more about her