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June’s Birthstone

I cant believe we have passed the summer solstice – first day of summer today! Although in Florida is is pretty much always summer LOL. Summer solstice is also my youngest sons’s birthday which we celebrated yesterday with some ice cream cake to beat the heat. He is not so interested in jewelry but for you other June babies out there you actually have a choice of birthstone between Pearl or Moonstone

The ancient Greeks believed pearls were tears of the gods. Japanese folktales told that pearls were created from the tears of mythical creatures like mermaids and nymphs. Early Chinese civilizations believed that dragons carried pearls between their teeth, and the dragon must be slain to claim the pearls—which symbolized wisdom. Other cultures associated pearls with the moon, calling them “teardrops of the moon.”

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one’s karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer.

As its name implies, moonstone is closely associated with lunar mystery and magic. Its calming, balancing energies can supposedly attune to natural biological rhythms. Moonstone acts as the ultimate fertility crystal by sparking passion in new lovers and reuniting old ones.

Since ancient times, many cultures have held that moonstone can attune its wearer to the natural rhythms of the moon. Known for its calming, soothing aura, moonstone has been used to treat insomnia and sleepwalking, ward off nightmares and promote vivid dreams.

Moonstone has been used as a beautiful adornment and a powerful talisman since ancient civilizations. The Romans admired it, believing it was formed from moonbeams. In India, moonstone is considered a sacred and magical “dream stone” that can bring beautiful dreams at night. Also known as the Traveler’s Stone, it’s believed to protect travelers at night.

Florida adopted moonstone as its official state gem in 1970 to commemorate the Apollo 11 moon landing and other spaceflights that launched from Florida.

Wedding Anniveraries

Believe it or not Pearls and Moonstones also symbolize 3rd wedding anniversary. Although since pearl is also the 30th anniversary stone I usually recommend moonstone for 3rd

Married couples have have been celebrating anniversaries since the middle ages. Traditionally, husbands presented their wives with gold or silver wreaths as symbols of harmony to mark the special event. By the twentieth century, a list of specific materials was designated for the major milestone anniversaries.

The American Gem Society took it a step further by compiling a list of gemstone jewelry for each anniversary year. Similar to the list of materials used to symbolize the marriage’s growing bond, the gemstones listed are based on the belief that the couple’s growing commitment to each other reflects their investment in the marriage.

  • 3 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Moonstone brings good fortune and passion.
  • 30 Year Anniversary Gemstone: Pearl the symbol of purity and elegance.

So for all you June babies or husbands looking for anniversary gifts – now you know what to look for 🙂

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