Inside the Studio

Lots of people are interested in a glimpse behind the scenes, so I thought I would give you a tour of my studio. After making jewelry for a while,  I really needed to set the dining room table free and find a place to work that wasn’t in the way.

Over the last couple of years my husband helped me transform our barn. Starting with some painting and basic clean up which then turned into converting a portion of it to my dream studio. The perfect spot to work on my jewelry and look out at the horses.

It took quite a while because we did most of the work ourselves on the weekends but once it was done I may just move into the barn and forget about the house

I am sometimes joined by my assistants Sunny and Coco who work very hard at chillaxin on the couch and occasionally the horses take a moment away from the grass, peek in the window and hope to be allowed in to join the party LOL

It is absolutely my favorite place to be.

Chip would like to come in…
My hardworking assistants