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Danish Crown Jewels

On this last cruise we had to fly to Denmark so the cruise was bookended by a day of sightseeing before and after the cruise in Copenhagen, such a beautiful city…

Little Mermaid Gazing out to Sea

Our first day we were incredibly jet lagged and at this time of year it barely gets dark in Scandinavia so we went out sight seeing at 5am! On the plus side I got to see the little mermaid without any crowds LOL

As is our way, we hit palaces, churches and roamed around enjoying the history and the architecture. Our first day was lovely and sunny and it was a pleasure to see the city. Lots of funky street art to enjoy and very friendly people. It is a very walkable city and the metro makes getting around a breeze.

Nyhaven is one of the must see spots for tourists, a colorful, pretty street along the canal with lots of restaurants and bars. A good spot to grab a canal tour or a beer 🙂

On our last day we saw the Danish Crown Jewels at the beautiful Rosenborg Castle complete with moat and beautiful gardens. The castle was built in the early 1600’s so it has a more medieval feel compared to the other palaces in Copenhagen which are much more 18th century architecture. IN this one the spiral staircase is housed in a separate tower with walkways across to the different levels. I had not seen that style before.

The crown jewels were in the vault in the basement and well worth fighting through the horde of Chineses tourists to see them LOL I clearly need to get out more and find fancy places to go that require such gorgeous jewelry