Custom Jewelry

I love to create one of a kind pieces for my customers. Lets face it we are all unique and sometimes we need to celebrate that with something that is just as unique as we are.

Simple or complex, the process is the same. We chat for a while to get to know one another and understand what sort of piece would best reflect your personality or big life moment you want to cherish.








If we decide to move forward, then we discuss gemstones and materials, their meanings and their significance to you. We discuss the thematic elements in your piece and how best to reflect your intent and passions.

I will sketch some rough ideas on paper and once the design and materials are finalized, I will create your unique piece. There are always some minor variations during this process but your jewelry will always capture the essence of what you want to celebrate, while bringing out the best in the chosen gemstones and materials.

You are one of a kind, the heroine of your life story and your jewelry should be too

Your custom piece awaits….

Shelley xoxo