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Creative Interlude

Life has been hectic lately for a number of reasons. Like they say” it never rains but it pours…” So between leaving one job, looking for another, dealing with a family illness, hurting my hammering arm, getting kicked by a horse, having 2 puppies in the house (at once!!!!) I think I deserve a bit of a break LOL

So I decided to return to my love of watercolors and practice something purely creative, just for me. I have always loved watercolors but have never felt like I was very good at them. I am detail oriented, so colored pencil has been my go to in the past. I used to do a lot of colored pencil portraits and while they take a very long time the results were always quite realistic.

However I wanted to do something more expressive and less controlled. So I dug out my ancient watercolors and started to play with them – with mixed results LOL Talk about rusty! I went back to basics and started doing a bunch of small postcard sized sketches – each one took less than 30 min and I was able to crank them out and not get too attached or frustrated when it didn’t go well.

The beauty of watercolor is the translucent colors, the problem is over work it and you get mud – So you have to be willing to embrace imperfection and roll with what happens on your page.

My Mom had been asking me to paint her a ballerina for years and I never got around to it, so I decided – I have nothing but time before this new job starts so why not give it a whirl?

I found a nice reference photo of Misty Copeland and went to work. when it was finished I was so pleased with it (as was she when she finally got it in the mail LOL) I decided I was on a roll and just kept going – my version of Inktober 🙂 Dozens of ballerina paintings followed and I was having fun with it.

I experimented with a self portrait with semi ok results. As John Singer Sargent once said “A portrait is a picture with something wrong with the mouth” How right he was LOL

Then I started on some sun drenched seascapes, views of Venice, my horses and of course flowers…..

I had forgotten the joy of being able to devote time and effort to practice something creative. I only have another couple weeks before starting my new job and the insanity of the holidays and family visits so I am going to enjoy every last second of freedom to indulge my creative side.

When was the last time you took some time just for you?

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