Connemara Marble

Connemara is a famous region in the west of Ireland. It means “Inlets for the Sea” in the Irish language and has a tremendous rugged beauty. Oscar Wilde is quoted as deeming Connemara a “savage beauty” which is incredibly accurate for anyone that has been lucky enough to visit the area

Connemara Marble is a rare form of marble found in the region which is typically green-ish in colour. It is said to be one of the rarest forms of marble in the world due to its limited supply and dates back over 600 million years. The marble itself is formed when limestone is heated under pressure.

A powerful serenity stone helps master thought control and instil peace. Many believe this a lucky stone and that it brings the holder of the stone contact with the elementals. The gift of seeing and conversing with faerie folk and an understanding of the animal and plant kingdoms. Connemara Marble builds strength of character and is often given as gift to new born babies. Stamina endurance and determination are qualities of this stone.

It also connects us to our ancestors, and promotes inner wisdom and common sense. This powerful gemstone also promotes love, emotional harmony, trust, and empathy. In fact, the famous Blarney Stone (kiss it and your wish will come true) is made of Connemara Marble.

The first pair of “grown up” earrings I ever had, were simple Connemara marble drops given to me by my grandmother. I loved them beyond all measure so this stone has a special place in my heart.

Known as the “Irish Gemstone”, the beautiful and unique patterns of green make it a beautiful material for use in jewelry.  I use this stunning stone to craft striking pieces with a genuine piece of Ireland.

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