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Behind the Scenes at the Red Mare Look Book Photoshoot

Taking pics of my jewelry on me as I sit at the bench covered in sanding dust was really just not cutting it – LOL. I really wanted some beautiful styled photos that reflected my brand story but as a small biz owner marketing budgets are mostly non existent…So what’s a girl to do?

Time to get creative, right? I asked one of my friends to be my “hot jewelry model” and she said yes! Of course then I had to plan it and find a time that she we both were free – as a small business owner and mom herself, that was no easy task but we finally settled on a date that worked for both of us.

In the meantime I planned out a bunch of shots I wanted to capture and picked some spots and props around the farm that I thought were photogenic. I cleaned a bunch of my in stock pieces and laid them out in the studio the night before. The big day was last Sunday!

Lucky for me, Jackie is absolutely stunning and would make a brown paper bag look good and thankfully the weather smiled on us and we had no rain during our four hour shoot. She was willing to put up with my clumsy direction and lots of costume changes and accessorizing.

On the trail behind the barn

Of course, my beautiful mare Pegasus was part of the shoot and she warmed up to Jackie in no time. A couple of judiciously supplied treats helped that process along nicely.

Even Boone got in on the action – never one to miss the opportunity to get a treat or some attention LOL

Boone getting in on the action

It was a low budget affair since I “paid” my model in jewelry and, of course my everlasting gratitude. She supplied her own outfits and did her own hair and makeup .

I was the photographer and creative director with my trusty Nikon. Jackie made the jewelry shine with her beauty, poise and killer smile so I had tons of great pics to choose from at the end of the day

I designed the layout in Adobe InDesign, so I can print it in the future if I need to. That is honestly what took the most time – paring down the hundreds of shots into just a few was really tough. Then a little post production touch up and fine tuning before dropping them into the document.

I found a free app called Yumpu that allowed me to turn any PDF into a digital flip book and it was surprisingly easy to install on my website. I originally thought that was going to be the hard part LOL

Check out the final product – I am sure you will agree that Jackie looks amazing.

I would love to hear what you all think