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Back in the Studio!

What gorgeous flashy color

The day job has been beyond busy of late and so very little time to spend doing what I love. But, I finally got some studio time this weekend after a long week in Atlanta.

I have been focusing on my silversmithing skills lately, but when I took a look at this beautiful teardrop labradorite I couldn’t resist pulling out the wire. The color and flash are glorious and not as frequently seen as the normal blues and greens.

I thought I would give you a look inside my usual process. I typically start with the stone – that inspires the design. In this case, I sketched an idea out quickly in my notebook and got to work.

I wanted to use up some extra weaving wire that I had in a slightly larger gauge so the beginning weave was a little tricky to get started after such a long break, but I soon fell into the right rhythm and tension.

I check the fit as I go to make sure it works out as planned. I love when I can put the stone in and finish up the details and embellishments.

Using a bur cup I smooth the rough ends of the wire to make sure there are no “spikey” parts to scratch the wearer. In this case I hammered some of the spirals to give them more width and harden them up. I also attach the swirls to the frame using even finer wire so they don’t catch and pull out of place.

Finally I wove a simple bail and sat back to admire my work LOL. This particular piece took 3 full hours to complete. All in sterling silver. This one turned out very close to initial sketch which dent always happen. Once I am in the zone things take on a life of their own 🙂

Now to find this beauty a forever home