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Jewelry has always been a passion for me. I remember going through my grandmothers jewelry box as a child in Ireland and piling on as many pieces as I could, listening to her stories about where she got each piece and where she wore it. Hearing about what seemed, at times, like a glamorous life, despite all the challenges she faced and the fact that she worked so hard her whole life. She followed her own path and made a life she loved. She had no daughters, only sons and I was the only granddaughter in the family –  jewelry was a bond shared by just us two.

Horses (animals in general to be honest) have been a lifelong obsession of mine, although growing up in a inner city apartment meant I had no opportunity to fulfill that dream. We had no space for pets – every time I begged for a pet of my own (starting at first with horses and monkeys and eventually going down though the list to dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and eventually a fish LOL)  my mom would tell me that when I had a house of my own I could fill it with animals. I guess I accepted that challenge since today I live on 5 acres with 4 horses, 6 dogs, 14 chickens and a bad ass barn cat.

My road to following my passions has been a long one. I moved to the US and have traveled as much as possible over the years working in the corporate world as a designer. I love to visit new places and get immersed in the culture and history it is always an inspiration –  41 countries and  counting – so many places to see, so little time!

I first started riding horses regularly in my 30s after a family trip to Montana where I realized I didn’t have to go on vacation to follow my dreams. I came home to Seattle and started riding lessons at a local barn, next thing you know I was leasing a horse, then I bought one. My beautiful, Arabian red mare Pegasus and boarded her at a nearby natural horsemanship facility.

Eventually work took me to Florida where I was able to finally realize the dream of having my horse on my own property. We bought five acres outside Orlando and set about renovating and fixing the place up. Over the last couple of years my husband helped me transform our barn. Starting with some painting and basic clean up which then turned into converting a portion of it to my dream studio. The perfect spot to work on my jewelry and look out at the horses – they multiplied and now we have four, one of whom was a rescue from a kill pen. We also ended up with 5 dogs a couple of which were also rescues – I am a sucker when it comes to animals. I believe in a lifetime home once you take an animal on so despite some challenges our four horses will live out their lives with us whether they are all ridable or not. Support your local rescues if you can.

I make things that I enjoy looking at or want to wear, frequently inspired by the love for the animals in my life – my dogs and horses and my travels. I love seeing the world and visiting other cultures. I make things that suit my many moods – understated and modern for my city, corporate life to multicultural and creative for my wanderlust side, funky statement pieces to handcrafted artistic pieces that reflect my passions.

As Chaka Kahn said “I’m every woman…It’s all in me….”   Like many of us when I wake up, I decide who I am going to be that day and dress accordingly 🙂

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Love, Luck & Horses

Shelley xoxo

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