Hello Beautiful! Calling the women out there who dream big and work hard. Red Mare Studio is about valuing all the strong women out there and we firmly believe in empowering one another.

None of us fit into one box, we are multifaceted, complex individuals – a symphony of notes that make up each woman’s unique melody and we need jewelry that reflects that!

I love mixing metals in jewelry – contrasting the cool crisp silver with the warmth of copper or gold adds interest and reflects the different sides of my personality and that of my clients. Hammering the metal brings texture and a handcrafted quality and lets be honest ladies, we all are tempered by our experiences – knocks and all but we come out stronger and more beautiful on the other side.

I also love to incorporate natural gemstones  – there is something compelling about the beautiful color and variety that comes out of the earth. Unique, varied and beautiful just like the women who wear them.

I am particularly drawn to turquoise, opals, moonstones and tourmaline – but I don’t think I have met a gemstone I didn’t like 🙂 Faceted to add sparkle or raw in their natural more organic shape – whatever your personal flavor – they bring the jewelry to life.

My Arabian mare Pegasus, the first horse I ever owned, is the inspiration for much of my work. She is independent, opinionated, loving and curious – all worthwhile traits in my book.

I am also inspired by my travels – there is nothing better than getting out and seeing the world and learning about other cultures. I am up to 41 countries and counting – so many places on the bucket list. I hope you find something here that speaks to you, reflects your values and passions and empowers you to follow your dreams and make them real.

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Love, Luck & Horses are really all I need in this life 🙂

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Pegasus is the Red Mare the studio is named for. She has been my equine partner for many years and the inspiration for all of this.