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A Very Special Custom Order

I recently received an email from Michelle who wanted to purchase a couple of gifts for her daughter. Sadly she had just lost her beloved horse, Danny and was grieving. Her mom wanted her to have something special to remember him by. She asked for my opinion on what pieces might work and mentioned her daughters birthstone was opal.

I was away from home on a biz trip at the time but I was determined to find just the right thing for her daughter after such a devastating loss. I suggested my Initial Horseshoe all in silver with a D for Danny and some lovely opals I had in stock. I also sent her a very rough sketch which Michelle asked to be made into a matching bracelet.

I promised I would get the pieces out with expedited shipping the day after I got home. We emailed back and forth on the details and I sent her progress pics just in case she wanted to tweak anything or if, heaven forbid, they didn’t arrive in time at least she could put the pics in an envelope under the tree.

I shared a couple of my favorite poems with them both also. I was so honored to be asked to help them remember Danny. Horses really do leave hoof prints on our hearts and you can never, ever be the same.

As promised I shipped the jewelry out and was surprised a few days later to discover a touching review on Etsy. Sometimes people can make your day with just a few kind words.

I certainly hope Michelle’s daughter loves her custom jewelry as much as I enjoyed designing them for her and what a sweet and amazing mom to do this <3

Below are the poems I sent, just in case they are helpful for anyone else dealing with the loss of their equine companion

Hark! Old horse.
Please meet me at the gate.
Hounds are leaving kennels soon,
And we will not be late.
Step up. Old horse.
Carry me to the meet.
Our years together count for much,
Though you’re no longer fleet.
Trot on. Old horse.
I know you hear the horn.
The hounds are in the valley now,
The fox is in the corn!
Kick on. Old horse,
My soulmate and my friend.
Our years together hunting are
The best that’s ever been.
Leap up. Old horse.
Take the bit and fly!
I still trust you like a brother,
Even though the fence is high.
Walk on. Old horse.
We’ll soon be hacking in.
Your nicker rests beside my heart.
Our souls entwine within.
Hark! Old horse.
The years reveal our fate.
If we should part before we wish. Please meet me at the gate
~Carla Hawkinson

Somewhere…Somewhere in time’s Own Space 
There must be some sweet pastured place 
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow 
Some Paradise where horses go, 
For by the love that guides my pen 
I know great horses live again.
~Stanley Harrison

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